The company provides an initial consultation. Client’s needs, desires, space and objectives are explored. Based on this consultation, and follow up, Braz Interiors then submits design recommendations and proposed budget.

The company can also provide procurement services or make recommendations on where certain items can be obtained. Procurement services include a modest, transparent markup of 10 to 15%.

Levels of Service

Braz Provides Three Levels of Service:


This level of service makes basic changes to the living or work space, bringing together various components, mostly already in place, to create a cohesive design. Minor alterations and additions to the space are involved. Placement of accent pieces and possibly rearranging existing furniture and articles may be involved.


This level of service provides some significant changes to the living and work space. These include lighting, rearrangement of furniture and recommendations for wall and floor surfaces. Placement of accent pieces, and accessories, and development of thematic focus.


Intensive consultation with client. Major redesign of living and or work space. Procurement and rearrangement of furniture, integration of accent pieces, development of thematic focus throughout the entire space. This major change includes lighting, wall and floor surfaces.


  • Initial consultation fee: $175.00.
  • Estimate provided based on scope of work and size of space to be designed
  • Procurement fee: 10-15% of price of item acquired.